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Private Joint-Stock Company UKRGAZ-ENERGO is resident in Ukraine operating in energy carrier markets, doing business of energy resources purchase and sales to industrial customers in Ukraine.

PJST  UKRGAZ-ENERGO was founded in February 2006. The sole shareholder  of PJST  UKRGAZ-ENERGO beginning from November 2013 is CENTRAGAZ HOLDING LIMITED (Republic of Cyprus).  

PJSC UKRGAZ-ENERGO is oriented towards the best standards of corporate governance and keeps accounts of its operations as per two standards: in compliance with national standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). 

Milestones in the history

2 February 2006. NJSC Naftogaz Ukrainy and ROSUKRENERGO AG founded CJSC UKRGAZ-ENERGO on a parity basis. ROSUKRENERGO AG and CJSC UKRGAZ-ENERGO made and entered into a five year Agreement on purchase and sales of natural gas of Central Asian and Russian origin.

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Company's News

05.05.2016 The annual report of PJSC "UKRGAZ-ENERGO" for 2015 - revised

29.04.2016 The annual report of PJSC "UKRGAZ-ENERGO" for 2015

Gas Market News

31.05.2016 Tehran and Kiev discuss joint company oil and gas company

25.04.2016 The World Bank forecasts natural gas price to fall 19.3 percent in 2016

21.03.2016 Turkey will supply natural gas via Ukraine

09.02.2016 Ukrainian legislature adopted a law on the natural gas backhaul

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